Designer of the Year Nomination!

I just caught wind that I was nominated for Designer of the Year (alongside an insane lineup of some of my good friends) from the Net Awards and I'm so freakin' excited! Sure, I was nominated last year (and didn't win), but I feel stronger, better and more amazing this year. What have I accomplished in the past year?

  1. Totino's Pizza Rolls have tweeted at me on more than one occasion.
  2. My Mom unearthed this photo of me as a baby, which truly must be the cornerstone of my personality.
  3. I discovered how to make a thumb head and have taken at least 100 thumb head photos this year. Here's one.
  4. We redesigned Ghostly Ferns and became the only design company with a topless ghost for a mascot.
  5. I discovered that I'm not actually a robot after all.
  6. I started dancing. See above.

 I can feel myself peaking!

What's even cooler is that Ghostly Ferns was nominated for Agency of the Year! We've never even considered ourselves an Agency, which makes the whole thing even more exciting. The definition of Agency is changing and we're a huge part of that. Go Ghostly Ferns!

Please, please vote if you actually feel like I, and Ghostly Ferns, deserve the awards. If not, please vote for those you think do!

Vote for Designer of the Year here
Vote for Agency of the Year here

I bought a sweet lamp


I bought this extremely beautiful lamp from Andrew Neyer a couple of weeks ago. It came in the mail today and I'm elated! To celebrate, I made a shapely design. Thanks Andrew Neyer! Will be posting as soon as I get it up in my lovely abode.

I'm just here to creep you out

Well, shoot. Today marks the day of Meg Lewis's first ever personal website. I thought it was about time that I have a special place to call my own, full of the weird thoughts and images that go through my head. I may post written words and thoughts about design and life, but I'll mostly just slap up a lot of grotesquely delightful images. We'll see what happens. Anyhow, hello Internet. This is going to be a sweet ride!